Outside Jalalabad Afghanistan, 2013

Eric Feldman, owner and gunsmith at EZ Accuracy Gunworks. 

Eric was always interested in firearms and shooting so it was no surprise when he decided to join the US Army.  His first duty station was with the 25th ID out of Schofield Barracks Hawaii.  Although he had an intelligence job, his company needed an armorer and sent Eric to the US Army Small Arms Repair school.  Running the arms room was a position he held through the rest of his enlistment including a deployment to Afghanistan.

Eric's enlistment ended in 2006 and he made the decision to attend the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School where he obtained his Master Gunsmithing Diploma. Since, he has held numerous positions within the firearms industry.  These positions include gunsmithing at Bain & Davis in Los Angeles California, as Director of Operations for BoreSmith, and as a government contractor where he traveled back to Afghanistan to support US forces as a civilian.  



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